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In Loving Memory of Cheryl M. Trammell

Do you know a family that has a hard time justifying the expense of a professional portrait session or simply cannot afford one? 

There's nothing my aunt Cheryl loved more than having photographs taken of her & her family. She would spend hours, upon hours, turning her living room into a "winter wonderland" in preparation for a professional photoshoot during the holiday season - with her & her boys. Cheryl Trammell passed away suddenly in the summer of 2015 - & while in the midst of the heartbreaking task of planning a memorial service for someone that I loved more than words can ever say - my mother & I stumbled upon a giant mass of overflowing boxes - full of photographs of our family. Photographs from our summers together at Crystal beach & photographs like the one above.

There are only so many seconds, so many minutes, & so many hours in each day. We all live busy lives & that's just the way it is. But no matter how chaotic my schedule gets, I do my best to make sure to take at least one minute to stop & remind myself how truly blessed I am. I'm surrounded by loving, supportive family & friends...& I have the pleasure of do something I am so incredibly passionate about - & trust me when I say, I'll take it! [and never let it go, that's for sure]. I am fortunate enough to have been afforded the opportunity to share this passion with the rest of the world.

Now it's my turn to give back to my local community - a community full of good-spirited people that have always been supportive of their own. I believe that EVERY family deserves an opportunity to enjoy genuine, heartfelt, memorable documentation of their lives together. Families truly deserve to be photographed in such a way that will force them to look back on the lifetime of memories that they shared with one another with an open & gracious heart - for decades to come.

Twice a year, AlanAdetolArts will offer a FREE portrait session to a family within the local Buffalo community. A family that deserves to have beautiful professional portraits, but struggles with justifying the expense.

If you would like to nominate a family or if you yourself are a member of a family that would benefit from this program, please send an e-mail  with "PAY IT FORWARD" in the headline, along with a brief story explaining why you think this particular family would be so deserving to alana.adetola@gmail.com.

*Please note: The intention of this program is not to exploit or embarrass any of these deserving families. No images taken from recipients of this program will be posted publicly under the program title.