Hi my new friends! I can't quite put into words how humbled I am that you've chosen me and my team to capture this day...and so now that we're officially going to be working together...I can officially start rattling off with my personal opinions...right? [haha!]

My first piece of advice would be - try not to make drastic changes to your appearance [ie. hair and makeup] Do what works best for YOUR hair and choose a makeup look that best suits YOU – these photographs are timeless. You'll want to recognize yourself in 10 years! Only you truly know what looks good on YOU!

I’ve seen several clients hire a makeup artist right before the wedding day…and let's just say - it didn't work out so well. You’re the expert of your own face, so it will seem a little weird when someone else does your makeup because you’re not used to it, and that’s normal. But if you do decide to hire a hair and makeup artist, make sure you do a test run with them before the actual wedding day to see if they are the right fit for you. Many of these professionals will offer this service for free [upon request], discounted rate or partial rate, especially if they are the chosen artist for the actual wedding day.

Always...I repeat...ALWAYS plan an hour ahead of when you’d actually like to be done with hair and makeup. It will almost always take longer than you think it, so leave yourself a good hour in-between your preparations and the time you’d like to be done getting ready before beginning your shoot so you won’t be stressed and pressed for time.

Make sure you and your significant other scope out the places you’d like to get your pictures taken before your final consultation with me. That will help us to both be on the same page and it will give me time to plan the flow of the day as well. The less stress you have going on during and in-between shots is ideal for achieving that ‘carefree’ look!

MORNING OF THE BIG DAY – Make sure to bring bobby pins and safety pins for clothing and hair that refuse to stay in place. Eat breakfast AND lunch! One of the biggest mistakes couples make on their wedding day is forgetting to eat anything because they are running off of adrenaline. You will inevitably start to feel the grumpiness creep in as the day wears on without a proper meal.

BEFORE THE CEREMONY – Discuss with your wedding party how you’d like them to be holding their hands during the ceremony so they all look uniform [if that’s what you want]. Also encourage them to pay attention to me [there will undoubtably be tons of other 'photographers' during your ceremony - unless of course you choose to host an 'unplugged' ceremony] so remind them to find me and my team and  to try their best to look forward. A nice, uniform wedding line makes for much better pictures!

DURING THE CEREMONY – Remember to WALK SLOWLY DOWN THE AISLE and remind your bridal party to do the same. Even the most expensive camera equipment won’t be able to focus properly if you’re zipping down the aisle at the speed of light. Haha! For the best ceremony pictures, look lovingly into your fiancé’s eyes rather than focusing intently on the marriage officiator with your back to me or my assistant. Try to imagine you are the only two people in the room so you can really cherish the moment. Don’t be afraid to cry! Shedding a few tears really makes for a great picture!

GROUP PICTURES – Before the wedding, choose a close friend or family member who can help me and my assistant gather people for formal group shots so that you don’t have to stress about it on your wedding day. If people move quickly, you’ll be able to spend less time posing for a camera and more time enjoying your guests and your special day!

RECEPTION –  Ask for the room to be as well lit as possible to create the most ideal lighting for your pictures. Try acting natural and essentially ‘ignore’ us. Talking or laughing with a guest makes for great candid shots or cozying up to your new husband, maybe sharing a secret or inside joke. If you’re doing the traditional events of a wedding [cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, first dance, and mom/son, daddy/daughter dance] you might think about having a DJ or someone in your wedding party announce the events over loud speakers so your guests know what’s going on.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! – Relax and just enjoy your day! Remember that you are celebrating a union with the love of your life on this day. Hold their hand, dance with them, kiss in front of hundreds of clapping people! They are all there to celebrate your love and you’ll have more meaningful wedding pictures if you’re caught up in each other, so just enjoy being in love!

Remember that there is no absolute perfect wedding day. Someone is going to forget something, someone will do or say something stupid, and everything will not be perfect. Funny things happen at every wedding, but that’s when you’re able to look back with a great story, so be ready for a little mayhem! It’s a part of the ride! And I’ll be there, right along with you!

 With Love, 


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