Posed studio portraits are lovely, but there is something so special about a professional, candid photograph of your toddler playing on the living room floor. This kind of imagery provides a look into you & your child’s past, the home you’ve grown in together, the things that truly shape your everyday lives.

In-home portrait sessions are growing more & more popular these days. Why? You ask. Because families are opting for those less posed and more documentary images of them with their ones. There’s nothing like the authenticity that you get from these kinds of lifestyle sessions.

But, it’s not all fun & games - photographing you & your family inside of your home does offer a variety of challenge as well. Here are a few tips that I’ve found that will help to make the most our of our time spent together in your home


Your entire house doesn’t have to be ‘spick and span’. Try to have at least [1] or [2] areas within your home that have great natural light! If you can make sure that these areas are nice & tidy prior to my arrival. But, if life happens and you can’t seem to clear some things up prior to your shoot - then I assure you that we can certainly ‘tidy as we go’ as needed. If you try to focus these couple of areas of the house to tidy up, be sure not try to make them so spick and span that your family doesn’t recognize it as home. The important thing is not to stress!

When I arrive to your home, I’ll ask for a quick tour of areas that you & your family will be comfortable with me using and asses the lighting and background as we move throughout – sometimes the best images are created in a tiny little window seat that you might have overlooked. Don’t worry! I’ll sure to encourage you to also speak up in terms of what areas you think will feel most natural.

If you’re second guessing your house as the perfect backdrop to your family session, then think about setting up a favorite activity for your family to partake in - like baking some chocolate chip cookies, or playing in the sprinklers if it’s the perfect summer day. If not, plan for a little pillow fight in the guest bedroom. Allow yourselves the joy of truly playing together without the pressure to document the fun yourself.


The sooner we all begin to get to know one another & connect, the more you & your family will feel more relaxed in front of my camera AND the better your images will turn out! Little ones will already most likely feel quite comfortable because they are in the comfort of their own home. However, I will plan ahead for some warm-up time before I actually begin photographing.

This is a nice time to make some coffee or tea for the adults or prepare a light snack for little ones for a mid-way shoot pit stop. No pressure here at all, but taking any downtime to take care of an actual task, just makes sense!

When I feel like I’ve found the right time, you just might find me kneeling next to your little one[s] maybe asking to see their room or their favorite toy. I then might ask you to come along…I might snap a pic of you holding their hand down the hallway before I snag a shot of your little one proudly showing me their favorite toy.

I may ask your child if they can give dad a big bear hug. Or ask you if it’s alright that they jump on their bed while you cheer them on. “How high? Higher? Higher?!” I’ll take the opportunity to snap your reactions and giggles, too! These are just a couple of examples of the types of sceneries I’ll try to create, with your help!


Let your everyday wardrobe and activity of choice influence your outfits on the day of your photo session. If you’re planning on jumping on the bed at some point, you’ll want to opt for a more casual attire. I recommend dressing Mom first [in something comfortable that makes you feel confident], then the little ones [coordinating but not matchy-matchy], and lastly Dad.

Do your best to steer away from large graphics or text that can be distracting - but don’t be afraid of prints and patterns! For any real little-littles, make sure their clothes fit well and snug.


These images will serve as lovely reminders to slow down and enjoy the smallest things in life, so let’s have a great time doing it!

Have a question about something that wasn't answered here? Don't hesitate to drop me a line at alana.adetola@gmail.com!