Photograph by: Christian Coronado

Hello & Welcome!

And if you don’t mind, let me make you a bit more comfortable & get this one little thing out of the way... name is pronounced: Ugh-Lay-Nuh \ Ugh-Day-Tola \ 

[Haha! You're welcome!]

The origin of my middle name is Nigerian, specifically given to me by my father's tribe, the Yoruba people. My full name is Alana Adetola Fajemisin. [But I won't tell you how to pronounce my last name right away. Trust me, it's not nearly as difficult as it looks.]

When I began scouring the internet for inspiration for my small business name, I realized that the reason why I was having such a difficult time, was because really, I had already found a name. I kept trying to find something that 'meshed well' with mine. Something that truly defined who I was. And that posed to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. 

Until the moment that I asked myself..."Why do I feel the need to look for a new name? I'm completely content with the one that I was given"...and voila! Alana Adetola was born all over again! 



My photography is my art, it's my life. I like to think of myself as an artist who 'straddles' the fine line between professional commercial photography and conceptual fine-art photography. I am not all one thing or the other. I am a multi-faceted person, therefore, so is the work that I produce. I will never shy away from any one project. I want it all!

As a small business owner & artist, there is no greater gift than the ability to work alongside like-minded individuals that not only have a true appreciation for the art of photography, but those who accept [and respect] my style of photography - images that tell a story. 

As a client of Alana Adetola Arts Photography, you're investing in my complete expertise. I offer a unique eye for detail that highlights moments that you just might've missed, but will want to relive over & over [& over again!] Each and every session that I offer is specifically designed around YOU! Because after all, you are much more than just another 'client' to me. 




I've spent years upon years learning my craft, investing in high-quality professional equipment, and becoming a master of my skill. The only way that I know how to stay true to myself is by remaining steadfast in the value of my work. 

Customized photography is a work of art! During our time together, as well as after, each and every single one of your photographs is handcrafted to perfection. This kind of art takes a significant amount of time & patience - and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

My approach? I focus on capturing truth & beauty. You'll rarely hear much direction from me - aside from an awkward mumble here and there [I'm working on it]. Truly gratifying, extremely meaningful, & really raw moments are much too precious to guide. I'm an intuitive person, so I guide when it's needed - I kick back when it's not. I want be be be you...

...who would't? 




There are very few things that I enjoy more than sipping coffee from a super cute mug & talking about pretty, pretty pictures. Top notch, way existential conversation really make my world go 'round. You might have to reel me in if my conversation starts to drift off into a pool of conspiracy theories. But fear not!…excellent customer service is all that I know. So let me show you what I can do, because I already can't wait to meet you.

With love, A

You can view some of my published work over at BUFFALO SPREE - a local magazine that features articles on Western New York dining, events, arts, style, shopping, home and design. QWEEN CITY - a lifestyle & culture webzine that highlights & celebrates the work & accomplishments of women in Buffalo, New York. 

I am also a proud member of BUFFALO INDIE WEDDINGS & ROCHESTER INDIE WEDDINGS - A boutique-like bridal showcase that strives to showcase the most creative businesses in the WNY area, focusing on members that are 100% local, LGBT-friendly, offering unique products and services.